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About the department

To mitigate alarming depletion of fossil fuels and enormous pollution generated during energy harvesting from these fuels effectively, the world community has been compelled towards extensive exploration and efficient harnessing of clean, sustainable renewable energy resources. The vast area of renewable energy is becoming smarter and integrated extremely fast to clean and green energy revolution of the future. To cater these innovative field, huge number of specialized technologists and engineers are needed globally for achieving proper development of renewable energy sector. In view of above, MAKAUT, WB has established the department of renewable energy under the school of energy and environmental sciences in main campus of the University at Haringhata.

Thrust areas of the department:

☛Efficient Renewable Energy Harvesting. ☛Comprehensive Energy Management and Audit. ☛Development of Newer & Smart Materials for New & Renewable Energy sector. ☛Renewable Energy based Devices & Appliances. ☛Software based energy informatics & modelling.